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Humans Of Fluff: Chloe & Kit

August 26, 2017
Human And Hound Chloe And Kit

The relationship between human and fluff is a special one. This week we catch up with a Cavoodle to find out about what her secret obsession is!

The Human:

Chloe, a 28-year-old human who writes for a living, will pat your dog without asking and is obsessed with posting photos of Kit to @kit.and.cavoodle.

The Fluff:

Kit, a one-year-old cavoodle who loves chicken, sleeping on the bed and going to work with Chloe.

What Do You Love Doing Together?

Kit and I are both homebodies so we love to laze around watching TV—Kit likes to growl at the dogs she sees on the screen. We also love going on our morning walks and chasing after balls (mainly Chloe because Kit doesn’t quite know how to bring them back).

 Humans Of Fluff Kit Cavoodle

Naughtiest Thing Your Hound Has Ever Done?

The first time we left her with free-range of the house she chewed the wall.

Her Pet Peeve?

Being brushed. Although I’m not entirely sure she hates it, there’s a chance she might think it’s a game.

Favourite Toy?

Other than socks, paper and balls, it’s a little monkey which has seen better days.

Secret Obsession?

Chasing birds and soccer balls.

Humans Of Fluff Kit Cavoodle

What Does She Constantly Get Told Off For?

Digging holes in the backyard.

Favourite Trick?

Jumping up on her hind legs, for chicken of course.

Cutest Thing She Does?

She watches me cooking in the kitchen like it’s her favourite TV show.

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Image credit: Louise Coghill

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