Everything You Need To Buy When You’re Bringing Home A New Puppy

August 26, 2017
Everything You Need To Buy Before Bringing Puppy Home

Bringing home a puppy is no cheap exercise and there is a lot to buy in those first few months, from puppy food and chew toys to bedding and feeding supplies. Here’s everything you need to buy when you’re bringing home a new puppy.

Puppy Food

In the early days it’s best to keep feeding pup what they’ve been eating with the breeder, but after a couple of weeks, you can slowly ween them onto the food of your choice. Dry biscuits are definitely the easiest choice, but some pups don’t take to dry food straight away so you could opt to mix together wet and dry foods or add some water or natural yoghurt to the mix to soften it up. It’s also a good idea to have some boiled chicken on hand for treats and training.

Dog Beds

Dog Beds

Puppies sleep for around 18 hours a day, so a good dog bed is essential. Though it’s tempting to splash out on the most luxe dog bed you can find, save your money until your pup has reached adulthood and learned not to destroy everything that comes across its path. And when winter rolls around, a soft, fleecy and warm bed will make for one very happy pupper.



Feeding Supplies

In the first few months pups need to be fed three times a day so some good quality feeding supplies will make your life a whole lot easier. Pups can be pretty messy, so a feeding mat will ensure your floor will remain relatively clean. The melamine pet bowls are a favourite in our household because you can get a replacement insert bowl so you always have a clean one on the go—and don’t forget a water bowl!


Chew Toys

Puppy teeth are razor sharp so having plenty of chew toys on hand to keep their little mouths occupied is essential. Depending on the breed, most pups enjoy a range of soft and hard toys, just be sure to get the right size for your pup.



Leads And Collars

Collars And Leads

While your puppy won’t be able to go for a walk for a few weeks, it’s a good idea to get them used to wearing a collar and being walked on a lead early on. There are so many cute collars and harnesses out there, so pick something that suits yours and your pet’s personality and remember to treat your pup plenty when you’re putting their leads, harnesses and collars on and off so it becomes a fun experience for them.


Grooming Supplies

Every puppy requires different grooming supplies, so do some research and find out what you’re likely to need. Puppy shampoo and conditioner are a must and most pups will need to be brushed. In the first few months, it’s a great idea to get your puppy used to being groomed regularly to make your life easier in the long run so pick up a doggy toothbrush and some nail clippers too.

Now that you’re all brushed up on all of the things you need to buy, prepare even more by reading 16 Things To Do Before You Bring Your Puppy Home.

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