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16 Things To Do Before You Bring Your New Puppy Home

August 26, 2017
Everything You Need To Know Before Bringing Puppy Home

Bringing a new pet home is just as much of an adjustment for you as it is for them, but there are plenty of things you can do to make that transition easier for everyone involved.

Here are 16 things to do before you bring your new puppy home:

  1. Puppy proof your pad. That means getting down on dog level and removing any dangers that could present themselves to your floof. Get rid of poisons and make sure power cords aren’t easily accessible. The same goes for outdoors too.
  2. If you don’t want your little fluffer getting up to mischief in the garden, you’re going to want to think about putting up some fencing that they won’t be able to jump over. Dogs love to dig, but if you’re not prepared to be redoing your landscaping every weekend you should probably think about fencing dig-able areas off or putting down turf instead.
  3. Before you bring your puppy home do some research on vets in your area and make an appointment with one for a week or two after puppy arrives so they can have a general check-up and have any shots that are required.
  4. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of puppy biting, separation anxiety and toilet training by watching dog training videos on YouTube. Zak George is a long-time favourite of ours.
  5. Call your breeder and find out what your pup has been eating so you can stock up for the first few weeks as you wean them onto their new food.
  6. If you have annual leave up your sleeve, we strongly recommend booking in a week or two off so you can ease your puppy into its new life and get off on the right track with toilet training. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of weeks of annual leave getting loads of puppy kisses and cuddles. Best!
  7. Make a trip to the shop to pick up puppy supplies. See Everything You Need To Buy When You Bring Home A New Puppy for more info.
  8. Socialisation is super important, so start making plans with your friends/parents/anyone to stop by in the first few weeks so your pup can get used to all kinds of people. It’s especially important to socialise them with men and kids. They might not be able to go outdoors until they’ve had all of their immunisations, but you can arrange for dogs who you know have been vaccinated to stop by for a play.
  9. Your pup will need to be fed three times a day in the first few months so if you can’t take them to work with you now is a good time to check in with friends and family nearby and arrange for someone who could pop over to feed them lunch and have a little play. If friends and family aren’t an option, there are dog sitting services who can take care of this for you.
  10. Unexpected vet bills spring up on pet owners all the time, so we recommend getting pet insurance before you bring pup home. Need a hand deciding on the right plan for your pup? Here’s a handy comparison tool.
  11. Stock up on poop bags, you will never have enough so buy bulk and save. We prefer the biodegradable kind—you can even throw them into the compost!
  12. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to choose a name for the little one.
  13. Decide if your floof is going to be Instafamous (should this even be a question?). Once they’re named you’re going to want to secure that Insta handle stat so you can get snapping as soon as your bring your puppy home.
  14. Sleep while you can. Puppies bladders are teeny tiny so they need to be taken out for pee breaks often, even during the night in the first few weeks. Those first few sleepless nights are so worth it when your pup is peeing like a champ where they should be.
  15. Scotch Guard your furniture. We did not do this when we brought our puppy home and now our light grey couch is a little greyer than it should be (live and learn).
  16. Acquaint yourself with your new uniform of old clothes. Scratching, biting and chewing are going to become very familiar to you for the next little while, so while pup is learning what not to destroy you probably don’t want to be wearing your best clothes around the house!

If you’re still deciding whether or not to get a dog, check out our handy guide on How To Choose The Right Dog Breed For You.

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